Graphic map showing location of the chapel

The Spiritual Heart of Campus

Welcome to the oldest building on campus. Originally built in 1928, the Chapel—along with its newest edition, the Interfaith room—is the spiritual heart of our campus. 

The Saint Mary’s College experience is guided by the Five Lasallian Core Principles, based on the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Quality Education
  • Inclusive Community
  • Respect for All Persons
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
A procession moving down the aisle of the chapel with people in the pews standing up and watching

A Place to Come Together

Open to the entire campus everyday, the Chapel offers students, staff, and faculty a beautiful space to meditate, pray, and attend daily Mass with the Brothers or the student-led Mass on Sunday.

A girl standing in line smiling with her hands folded while a cross is made for Good Friday on her forehead
Students standing in the pews of the chapel holding hands with their eyes closed
The chapel father holding up a round item
Students in the Gael Pantry looking on food on a shelf

Mission and Ministry Center: Justice, Education & Service

As a part of a Lasallian Catholic institution, one of over 65 Lasallian colleges and universities worldwide, the Mission and Ministry Center (MMC) works to make sure all students in our community, regardless of how one orients around faith and religion, have an opportunity to explore their relationship with God.

Significant celebrations, programs and services offered by the Mission and Ministry Center (MMC) include Catholic Liturgies and prayer service, Justice and Interfaith education, Retreats, GaelPantry (on-campus food pantry), Immersion Trips, Lasallian Service Internships, and Living & Learning Communities. We also enjoy meals and simple walks around the campus.

Students in the Gael Pantry looking on food on a shelfStudents working at a booth during Christmas selling fair trade products

Multicultural Celebrations

Multicultural celebrations such as Our Lady of Guadalupe Week, Praise Explosion, and Taizé are held here.

A man smiling while playing a piano and singing during mass
A mariachi band playing in the chapel during mass
A child and mother in front of the virgin mary in the chapel
A girl singing during a choir performance in the chapel

Chamber Singers and Glee Club

Our internationally award-winning choirs and the Integral Program make use of the Chapel’s great acoustics in their performances throughout the year.

A girl leaning forward with her arms out singing during a choir performance in the chapel
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