Graphic map showing location of UCU Pavilion

Home of the Gaels

On game nights, you’ll know exactly where the pavilion is. Gael Force, our dedicated student spirit section, is loud enough to rattle our rivals. The opposition says Gael Force makes SMC a tough place to compete. We take that as a compliment.

The 3,500-seat UCU Pavilion is home to Saint Mary’s men’s basketball and women’s basketball and volleyball teams. Between Gael Force, the spirit team, our mascot, and SMC Sports Band, we provide an unmatched electric atmosphere of support for our teams.

A band playing in the stands of UCU Pavilion
Students cheering in the stands in the UCU Pavilion
Three announcers sitting on stools of the floor of UCU Pavilion with crowds in the stands

Gael Force

Gael Force is the largest student organization on campus. Nearly two-thirds of the entire undergraduate population at Saint Mary’s are members of Gael Force. The club plays a vital role in the success of our athletic teams. Gael Force’s support and enthusiasm have made Saint Mary’s one of the toughest places to play on the West Coast.

Students with painted stripes under their eyes and a letter of the word Gaels on their shirts cheering in the stands at UCU Pavilion
Student wearing SMC flag as a cape in the stands of UCU Pavilion
A basketball player breakdancing with the rest of the team behind him in the UCU Pavilion with the lights turned down

Midnight Madness

The crowd is wild, the night is young, and you couldn’t pack one more person into the pavilion if you tried. Head into basketball season with a late-night arena rally. Round it out with skits by student-athletes, class competitions, and a celebrity guest performance.

A basketball player breakdancing with the rest of the team behind him in the UCU Pavilion with the lights turned down

West Coast Champions

Division I Athletics
Guess what? We’re ranked every year. U.S. News ranks SMC in the Top 5 for Best Regional West Universities. And our 16 NCAA DI teams earn consistent national rankings. Cheer on all the Gaels as they win tournament berths in postseason play, including another spot at the Big Dance among crazed fans during March Madness!

Basketball – Men
The Saint Mary’s men’s basketball team has the highest winning percentage among all NCAA Division l programs in the state of California over the last decade and has played in the postseason for the last nine seasons.

Basketball – Women’s
SMC women’s basketball has been to the postseason 11 straight years, dating back to 2008.

Female Volleyball players jumping up and down with smiles on their face on the floor of UCU Pavilion
Basketball players shaking hands with confetti falling behind them in UCU Pavilion
Women's basketball players with their arms up in a huddle in UCU Pavilion
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